Notable Women

Joan Case, c.1918 to 2008. In 1968 she became the first female Lord Mayor of Nottingham and Chair of the County Council in 1981.

Anne Askew, 1521-46. First woman recorded to have asked for a divorce and only to have been tortured in the Tower and burnt at the stake. Protestant arrested for heresy. Wrote an account of her ordeal & beliefs published as The Examinations.

Lily Barter, c1900. A welfare supervisor at the Raleigh Factory. Wrote a column in the national newspapers called Woman of the Week.

Edith Henrietta Fowler, 1865-1944. Wrote 2 successful children’s books inc. The Young Pretenders, 1895.

Lily Chadwick, 1889-1968. Worked in munitions in WWI. Assisted the local doctor with childbirths in Radcliffe.

Alice Fussell, c.1850-1910. Art Mistress at Nottingham High School for Girls & a frequent local exhibitor of water colour drawings.

Anne Alcock, 1867-1955. She first worked as a milliner then went into nursing and was enrolled as a VAD nurse in WWI.

Catherine Mary Burris, c1911. Teacher and member Women’s Social and Political Union. Joined 1911 boycott of the census.

Fanny Taylor, 1897-1918. One of the 25 women killed when No.6 shell-filling factory in Chilwell exploded.

Abigail Gawthern, 1757-1822.Lived in what is now Jamies Italian Nottingham. Rich & well-educated. Wrote a detailed diary of life in C18th Notts including 43 Balls & Assemblies & a threefold increase of Nott’s population. Diaries published by Thoroton Society.

Ethel Lillian Carlin, 1875-1972. WWI set up Bayley’s VAD hospital. Red cross commander. Nursed Belgian soldiers behind the lines. Unpaid. Awarded OBE, Belgian War medal & Mons Red Cross Medal. WWII unpaid nurse, then ran a clinic for discharged soldiers.

Henrietta Carey, 1854-1920. Founded Nottingham, Town & Country Social Guild in 1875, it led to many organisations to help the poor.

Louisa Wright, 1846-1916. President of the Mansfield Women’s Suffrage Society and committee member for the Nottingham branch.


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